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Monday, May 04, 2009

The 25 Best Duos on Television

This really hasn’t been a good couple of months for duos: Lindsay and Sam, Mike and the Mad Dog, Hannity and Colmes have all gone their separate ways. But fret not hopeless romantics because there still a few duos going strong on our boob tube over the past twelve months of which I made a list of my favorites . Since it ain’t fun if your homies don’t get none, I invited some of mine to make up a definitive list which may or may not been created with the help of Schrödinger's cat. Here is what the feline may have let out of the box:

Coach Eric and Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights1. Coach Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

2. Liz Lemon and Jack Donagy (30 Rock)

3. Sheldon Cooper Ph.D. and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

4. Jim Halpert and Dwight Shrute (The Office)

5. Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons (Damages)

6. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth (Bones)

7. Emerson Cod and Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)

8. Blair Waldolf and Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

9. Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster (Psych)

10. Chuck Bartowski and Special Agent Sarah Walker (Chuck)

11. Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

12. Marc St. James and Amanda Tannen (Ugly Betty)

13. Barney Stinson and Ted Mosbey (How I Met Your Mother)

14. Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

15. Landry Clark and Tyra Colette (Friday Night Lights)

16. Ben Linus and John Locke (Lost)

17. John “J.D.” Dorian M.D. and Dr. Christopher Turk (Scrubs)

18. Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton (True Blood)

19. Jeff Patel and Lester Barnes aka Jeffster (Chuck)

20. James “Sawyer” Ford and Juliet Burke (Lost)

21. Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

22. Bill Adama and Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica)

23. Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell (Legend of the Seeker)

24. Earl and Randy Hickey (My Name Is Earl)

25. Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne (Burn Notice)

Voters: Ducky, Kath, Matt, Sandie, Scooter McGavin, TVFan, Vance

And in a measure of full discloser, here is my ballot:

Sheldon Cooper and Penny of the Big Bang theory1. Sheldon Cooper Ph.D. and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

2. Coach Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

3. Jeffry Barnes and Lester Patel aka Jeffster (Chuck)

4. Emerson Cod and Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)

5. Landry Clark and Tyra Colette (Friday Night Lights)

6. Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

7. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes and Miles Straume (Lost)

8. Chuck Bartowski and Major John Casey (Chuck)

9. Sheldon Cooper Ph.D. and Leonard Hofstadter Ph.D (The Big Bang Theory)

10. Casey Cartwright and Frannie Morgan (Greek)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On: Special Edition part 2

Like I mentioned in Part 1, A couple weeks ago I realized I never got around to giving full season reviews of many of the past year’s programs. But I figured since the introduction of 57 Channels and Only This Is On this past year it seemed redundant to waste a whole post reiterating this I have probably said earlier. Even though I didn’t want to write up full reviews for each show, I did want to give each show a rating on my Terror Alert Scale. So here in a sort of television in review I’m going to give a quick though on each show (no seriously, I can write short things) and then give it a rating. If you want to go more in depth of my thoughts on each show, than click its label at the bottom of the post.

My Name Is Earl: It is very rare for a great show not to show signs of a sophomore slump in its second season but it even rarer for a show to actually get better. And to think after the first season I had serious doubt that Earl could continue to find entertaining thing to cross of his list. But this season saw the two funniest half hours of television with Our Cops Is On and Two Balls, Two Strikes featuring the extremely hilarious Norm McDonald with oversized, um, just watch the episode. Surprisingly the only let down was when we finally found out why the one legged woman was on the list. But a season filled with Joy arguing with her deaf lawyer, a trip to Mexico, and plenty of Camden County’s finest reappearing definitely made up for it. And for those that can’t wait for the new season, head over to where you can see a Free Earl music video made by the Camden residents as well as download the mp3. My Name Is Earl 2.x gets a Terror Alert Level: Severe [RED] on my Terror Alert Scale. The show also won two Scooter Television Awards (five lifetime). Download the whole season of My Name Is Earl iTunes.

Rescue Me: after three stellar seasons the show had its first sub-par one. The plotlines seemed to be dropped for now reason with little or no payoff, there where just way too many moments where Tommy’s antic left everyone scratching their head and Papa Gavin showed up late in the season only to die on us. If Denis Leary wants a mulligan I’ll be happy to forget this season ever existed. Rescue Me 4.x gets a Terror Alert Level: Elevated [YELLOW] on my Terror Alert Scale. The show also won an STA (three lifetime).

Rescue Me on iTunes

Smallville: Actually I can’t really remember much of the past season but if they really killed off the Token Hot Chick I will never watch this show again. Smallville 6.x gets a Terror Alert Level: Elevated [YELLOW] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Here is a story of two seasons. The first half knocked out some of the best television of the year from the Pilot to the Wrap Party to the Christmas episode with plenty of great behind the scenes of what goes on at a television show and a network. Then when it became clear that the show was heading for cancellation it seemed like Aaron Sorkin stopped caring and the second half was bogged down by the horrible courtship of Danny and Jordan and his uber-liberal take on the Iraq war. Who knows how great the show could have been if he seemed to care the whole season. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.x gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Apple iTunes

Veronica Mars: Many people complained of the mini arcs, but those people are morons because the first arc finale, Spit and Eggs is up there as one of the greats in the series run. Same for those that complained about the stand alone episodes because the series finale is also near the top. The heart of the show was the relationships. For three seasons Ronnie and Keith remain the best father daughter on television, Vee and Wallace were the best friends on television and the only one who possible liked Dick more than I did was Dick himself. Sure people like to jump on board flashier names in the Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and Friday Night Lights, but there was no show more entertaining this past year than Veronica Mars. And now that the series is over we can stop debating if it is the best show currently on television and start throwing it into the discussion of bet ever. Veronica Mars 3.x gets a Terror Alert Level: Severe [RED] on my Terror Alert Scale. The show also won five STA’s (fourteen lifetime). Download the whole season of Veronica Mars on iTunes.

In my life, very rarely do I ever give up on a television show before its run is completely over but this year there were four shows that I actually gave up in the middle of the season. I don’t think there have been four shows that I dumped midseason in my previous years of watching televisions. Here’s what and why:

Jericho was so boring Invasion seemed fast pace in comparison and there is nothing more shocking than to see that people actually cared that is was canceled because CBS was right to do so in the first place.

The Class was basically a place holder between How I Met Your Mother and Heroes but after a month and no laughs I found I rather spend that time reading, the show was that bad.

Everything that could have gone wrong went horribly wrong for Pirate Master. Maybe you shouldn’t have filled the cast with rejects from the stack of Survivor applications.

After I deemed the last year’s Supernatural the worst season finale ever, I didn’t plan to watch it this season, but when it was announced that Meg Manning was going to make an appearance (and Studio 60 moving from its timeslot) I though I’d give it another try. Bad idea. Sure the show does have the ability to crank out a great episode or two but there are just too many mediocre X-Files retreads in-between to watch week in and week out.

For those wondering where Friday Night Lights is, the show was one of the few full season reviews I wrote this year thanks in part to it ending in April (see Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can’t Lose). I bring this up because in the most recent ESPN The Magazine, one of my favorite writes (at least when he is not trying to defend cheater Bill Belichicken) Bill Simmon wrote an impassion article about why you should watch Friday Night Lights (that can also be found at; see Don’t Turn off the “Lights”). I have to agree with everything he says including how the Pilot was clichéd and how the Taylors are two of the best actor on his Tivo (not that I’m pretentious to have a Tivo). Okay he lost me at The OC comparison, but overall it is a great read especially if you are still on the fence on whether to start watching yet.

And for those that want to run your own television network, TelvisionWithouPity is starting up a new fantasy television game, It started off to auspicious start because the link in the e-mail the sent me initially didn’t work, then when I tried later I was able to create an account but wasn’t able to log in. I was finally able to get through to day and filled the appropriately named Scooter McGavin Television. There is a monthly prize and a grand prize of $100,000 at the end of the year which I doubt I’ll win because I went with quality over quantity. If decide to play, a word of advice, don’t just start picking shows like I did because you only have a limited about of money to spend. First write down your favorite shows and their cost, and then pick and choose within your budget because it will cost you money to drop a show once you have selected it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. IX

Quote of the Week: I’m just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are. (Ronnie to Wallace, Veronica Mars)

Song of the Week: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclamers (How I Met Your Mother)

Big News of the Week: February sweeps are over and this week we are in the full swing of reruns. And with mid-season replacements like The Black Donnellys, The Search for the Next Talentless Singer Pussycat Doll, and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, there’s not much new to watch instead. Oh well, with only three and a half hours of television I’ll be watching this week should mean I’ll can catch up on my reading.

How I Met Your Mother: A heartbreaking episode that reminded me of when my high school car died and it’s falling ceiling, squeaky doors, how the back windows wouldn’t roll back up when someone rolled them down before I warned them not too, how the trunk would flood whenever it rained, and how my college roommate would blare Ode to My Car at absurd levels whenever he forced me to taxi him around. Actually come to think of it, I hated that car. Check out the latest episode on Innertube.

Everybody Hates Chris: I wonder if Billy Ocean watches this show and contemplates a comeback with all his references lately. Surely he’s good enough to get on Dancing with the Has Been’s and Never Were’s. Check out the latest episode on

Apple iTunes

Heroes: Finally a episode where the show lives up to its potential. Not so coincidentally Peter and Nikki/Jessica and their family were nowhere to be found. You had the one two punch of Sulu somehow being involved with Primetech Paper, which makes you wonder how much he knows about his son, and the Invisible Man once being Mr. Bennett’s partner. But I wonder if what we saw was actually Bennett reminiscing or was an actual flashback because I was unclear as to if the Haitian cleared his mind of certain aspects of his relationship with him. Also unclear was who Julia Robert’s brother was and why he showed up at the Bennett’s or why he even shot radioactive man as I’m sure he should have had a clue as to what would happen if he did. Check out the latest episode over at

Heroes on iTunes

Friday Night Lights: I’m sure she won’t even get a nomination, but the coach’s wife has given two Emmy worthy performances in the past two weeks. Then you have Buddy going all Matlock on the Taylor’s notepad. But nothing this week beats Landry once again trying to hit on Tyra. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, I really hope Tyra gets really drunk and gives Landry a ride. Or at the very least have her show up to a Stigmatlingous concert. Check out the latest episode over at

Friday Night Lights on iTunes

Lets Rob Mick Jagger Kelly Ripa: Ironically I hated Everybody Love Raymond but his guest spot on the show was great. But the architect DVD was priceless. Luckily it has shown up on YouTube, check out: Oswald Montecristo promo. Oh and don’t forget to checkout Rockafellar Butts Robbing Lenny Kravitz Song. Check out the latest episode over at

Survivor: You never, under any circumstance, give up immunity. Never. I really hope this comes back to bit that tribe. Check out the latest episode on Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Also check out the latest Toss Up between Lost and Veronica Mars.

Promo of the Week: Okay not exactly a promo per say but this is one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a while. And yes that is Chip Diller. Poor Chip, first he was part of the worst Easter Egg Hunt ever, now this:

Pick of the Week: Heroes, Monday, 9:00, NBC. After months of hearing his name, it looks as if we will get our first look at the mysterious Linderman. It’s pretty much a lock that he is the big boss behind Primtech Paper and Sulu’s company. Right?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. VI

Quote of the Week: You checked in two days ago under the name Richard Sambora. I think the scariest part of this whole thing is the fact that you’re a Bon Jovi fan. (Dean, Supernatural)

Song of the Week: The Indian version of Cats in the Cradle (Knights of Prosperity)

Big News of the Week: One of the most critically acclaimed shows of the season, Friday Night Lights made its way to iTunes this week where you can download all of the episodes of the show. For those still wavering on giving the show a chance, you can download the Pilot episode for free.

Super Bowl: Checkout out Super Bowl Shuffle 2007 where you can see that I was the only one who actually liked the Snickers commercial. But the only thing I find funnier than the ad itself is that those Communist Liberals hated it because they thought it promoted homophobia whereas the Bible-Thumping Conservatives hated it because they though it promoted the gay agenda.

Heroes: Yawn, it was way too easy to predict that Nathan would be Claire’s father. They should have gone with the more shocking route with it being the mysterious Linderman or even the cop, but then again, there is probably why they have a show and don’t so we will see how this turns out. I wonder if there is any coincidence that most of the heroes are related to other heroes, could the mutated hero gene be some sort of sexually transmitted disease? Check out the latest episode over at

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: If there is one complaint I have about the show it is sometimes the storylines go on too long. Almost every episode is a two or three part-ers like the last three were. As much as I loved Chandler bidding on Harriett, Snakes on the Set, and the Tom and Lucy debacle (which ended way too nicely) I was ready to move on early in this episode. But I loved how that Macow knew English all along, that surely comes in handy. Check out the latest episode over at

The (White) Rapper Show: Holy Bushwick Bill sighting! Mind Playing Tricks on Me is one of the greatest rap songs of all time and a Halloween won’t go by without me thinking of Bill’s verse. It was also great when Serch called out Sullie out for that whole snitching crap. The whole anti-snitching campaign is one of the dumbest aspect of rap and when they have you on film it really can’t be considering snitching because they already know everything. Moron.

Friday Night Lights: Really there is nothing much to say but Landry was the Powerpuff Football referee. If there are outtakes or an extended scene of this on the DVD, I will buy it the day it comes out. Check out the latest episode over at

Lets Rob Mick Jagger: The two Cats in the Cradle segments were the funniest scenes on any show this week and I’m laughing again just thinking about them. Not to be outdone, Rockefeller Butts also had an instant classic explaining how he and a white girl ended up with an Indian baby going with the Intelligent Design excuse. Fracking brilliant. Check out the latest episode over at

My Name Is Earl: As great as the nerd from Road Trip was as the white version of Crabman, they could have taken it further. But I content with the meeting between Mr. Turtle and Mr. Bearded Dragon. Check out the latest episode over at

The Office: I’m just going to come out and say it, I am rooting for Roy.

Check out the Toss Up between Lost and Veronica Mars

Check out my First Impressions of Rules of Engagement

Check out my First Impressions of Survivor: Fiji

Promo of the Week: Look, a Veronica Mars promo that doesn’t have anything to do with the Logan and Veronica relationship. Of the twelve promos this year I think eight of them hinted at the two breaking up so it is refreshing to see one that doesn’t and this is one of the few promos this year that has actually got me excited for the episode. Also getting me excited for this week’s episode, my sources tell me we may actually have a Wallace sighting. Below the promo, for all you spoiler lovers, check out the director’s cut for a scene from the upcoming episode with a shocking reveal from Dick:

Pick of the Week: Beauty of the Geek, Wednesday 8:00, The CW: Yeah this season was a bit of a let down with the two least deserving beauties making it to the end but the tease that the final showdown will be something unexpected has me intrigued and C.C. doesn’t looked too happy about it. As for the surprise, I’m guessing the ousted teams get to choose the questions. As for the winners, I’m going with my original choice, Scooter (naturally) and Megan. You can catch up on the latest episodes over at

Saturday, January 06, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On

Starting a new weekly segment today where every week (no set date, just sometime during the weekend, maybe Monday at the latest) I discuss my favorite things that happened on television the past week. In honor of this new segment I have a new contest:

Win a Knights of Prosperity T-Shirt

Win these t-shirtsNow this isn’t one of those Café Press shirts I’ve made myself, this is an official shirt like the ones worn by the cast straight from ABC (see at right, click picture to enlarge and sorry guys, Sofia Vergara not included). ABC is even throwing in cookies as part as the prize package. Here’s how to win: I’m not really sold on the title for this post to be called 57 Channels and Only This Is On so what I need from you is to send me a better name for this segment (; Subject: I Want to Rob Mick Jagger). Now for those that want the shirt but don’t think they can come up with a better title, all you have to do is tell me what pop culture reference 57 Channels and Only This Is On is referencing (be specific, I'm looking for two key phrases) then out of all the entries I will randomly pick one person to win the prize packet from everyone who sends an e-mail. Also anyone who plugs this contest on their blog will get a bonus entry into the contest (but you must e-mail me to let me know you have done so to get an entry). This contest will run until January 17 and the winner will be e-mailed shortly after.

* Fine Print: This contest is open only to those in the US and Canada. Also the only shirt size available is Large. Want more chances to win Knights of Prosperity swag? Swing over to >Ducky’s brand new website to win the contest he's running as well as the TV Addict who is also running one. And don’t forget to watch Knights of Prosperity Wednesdays at 9:00 or you can always stream the latest episode for free at

Now for my favorite moments on television for the past week:

Best Quote of the Week (Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor’s wife to the failing Tim Riggins): “It’s my job to make sure you don’t grow up stupid; it’s bad for the world.” (Every teacher across the country should hang this quote up somewhere in their classroom.)

Friday Night Lights: Finally they gave my boy Landry an actual storyline this week with trying to tutor Riggins and by tutoring I mean reading Of Mice and Men to him everywhere including the weight room. And will I go to hell because I laughed that Landry wanted to call his band Stigmatlingous? In other news I never thought wheelchair sex could be so hot.

My Name Is Earl: Quite possible the funniest half hour on television since the My Name Is Earl pilot. As funny as it is to see Earl cross things off his list, seeing what he does to get such things on his list may be funnier. For this episode I’ll start at the end because there has been nothing funnier on TV this season that Randy getting shot out of the tree with a tranquillizer gun. Someone needs to send a clip of that to Tony Kornheiser quick.

Other great scenes from the episode are too many to name, but it was great to see former guests including the one-legged woman, Earl’s ex who thought he was dead, the gay dude (anyone else notice he was circling around the block with the naked dude with the snake scene), the cop who’s badge Earl stole, the voice box dude and we even learned how the mailman lost his eye. The only person missing was Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi); you know Ralph wouldn’t miss a chance to be on Cops. We were even introduced to some other Camden County locals including local celebrity Timothy Stack (who just so happened to write the episode) and Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. I can’t wait to see how Earl crosses her off his list for stealing her cop car.

If you missed the episode or just want to see it again, has started streaming episodes of the show, so head over there to see it.

In Case of Emergency: It’s not a good sign when The Class is the funniest new impromptu reunion show of the season. In fact I haven’t laughed this little since Four Kings (the one lone laugh “Is there any chance your fiancée is a chick?”).

Also check out my First Impressions of Let's Rob Mick Jagger and Beauty and the Geek 3.

This most likely won’t be a weekly segment in these posts, but the best promo of the season goes to this Supernatural one that aired multiple times during the Beauty and the Geek premiere. It may come to a shock to some of you but I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan and this is just a great use of God’s Gonna Cut You Down (they need to get whoever made this promo to do one like this for Veronica Mars):

Next Week’s Pick of the Week (Yeah I need a better name for this too): Awesome, I Shot That (Saturday 9:00 VH1): The Beastie Boys gave out a bunch of camcorders to fans to film a concert. Surprisingly they got back all the camcorders which make up this concert film. You can also buy the unedited version of the concert on DVD.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Musings From the Back 9 vol. XII

- Usually after November the music industry stops releasing their big name albums because they want all their potential hits on the shelves by Black Friday. But there are a few things that landed in iTunes yesterday that are worth mentioning. First up, The Killers released their first try at making a Christmas song with A Great Big Sled. The song sounds pretty much like an outtake from Sam’s Town but with lyrics about snow. Portions of the proceeds from sales of the song go to the (Red) Campaign.

Apple iTunes- Now for those that like Christmas songs but feel 99 cents is a little steep for you than check out the Free Single of the Week with James Taylor’s take on the classic Jingle Bells (click graphic at right, if it's not James Taylor, you're too late).

- More free stuff over in the television. For those that watch any show on NBC you surely know by now of its new Thursday comedy block and that will be airing a musical episode soon. Well if you want to check out on of the musical numbers from the upcoming show you can do so for free.

- Also in the television section, The CW has finally jumped on the iTunes bandwagon. Although it looks like they are taking baby steps as the only show currently available is Supernatural and so far only the current season is available. And it's so new my iTunes link maker doesn't even have links up for it yet so you'll have to check it out on your on.

- While you are there you can always catch the latest episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Ever episode you can expect at least one great monologue and The Christmas Show was no exception with Ed Asner refusing to accept Jack’s resignation nor back down to the FCC. I’ve even seen many people say it’s the best episode of the year, personally I’d go with The Wrap Party where Chandler tries to pick up both of the Calico Girls, Jack’s drunken tirade about the UN show, and the blacklisted writer.

- Another great episode this week (although not on iTunes but you can stream at ) was Friday Night Lights mostly because of my second favorite new character this year (next to Parker on Veronica Mars), Landry. First coach Taylor gets his name wrong and then convinces Matt to buy a Member’s Only jacket for his date. Coach’s reaction to the jacket was priceless too.

- Ever want to be as cool as me and talk to Kristen Bell, if yes head over to where you can bid for a ten minute Skype call with Ronnie herself. Oh and as I write this the current bid is $730. She is currently has the highest bid of all the celebrities you can win a call, three of which are video calls) with that also includes Rob Lowe, cast members from and The OC as well of the Fonz who is a steal at $152.50. I feel bad for the cast of (whatever that is) which only reached $25 so far. Oh and 100% of the final sale goes to Young Storytellers Foundation.

- Now for some horrible television news. It will soon be announced that will move to 10:00 when it returns in February. This is a bad idea to end all bad ideas. I rarely watch anything that late in fact just three shows ever (Rescue Me, Love Monkey, Studio 60). So there is a chance that I’ll be cutting that show loose soon. ABC is moving the show so it won’t have to compete with that karaoke show. Even worth, with Lost moving, ABC is placed my second most anticipated show of the new season The Knights of Prosperity (or as I like to call it Let’s Rob Mick Jagger) up against American Karaoke which says to me that ABC wants the show canceled. It’s times like these where I swear that the networks are conspiring against me.

- I’ve mentioned it before, and surely I will again, but I am hoping to put together a 9th Green Reader’s Poll of your favorite songs of year for my Best of 2006 spectacular. So please e-mail me ( your top 10 favorite songs of the past year, in order, sometime before Christmas Eve and if I get enough responses I will post the results the day after Christmas.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Best New Shows of Fall 2006

Recently of few television bloggers including myself put together a list of the best new shows on television the season. And here is what we came up:

Apple iTunes1. Heroes - NBC (3)
2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - NBC (1)
3. Friday Night Lights - NBC (1)
4. The Nine - ABC (1)
5. Ugly Betty - ABC

numbers in parentheses denote first place votes
Also recieving votes: Brothers and Sisters; Men in Trees; Ice-T’s Rap School; Dexter; Justice; Jericho; Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team
Ducky, Raelee, Scooter McGavin, Sheila, Tube Talk Girl, TV Fan

First off I guess I should mention that none of the voters are on the NBC payroll. But looking at the list, it looks like it’s a down year for new shows at least compared to recent years. Last year saw the return of the sitcom with My Name Is Earl and Everyone Hates Chris. The year before there was the debut of the two best shows this decade in Veronica Mars and Lost. And even the summer before those two aired was when Rescue Me started its run. Now keep in mind the list above does not reflect my personal tastes because I see enough ugly people in my everyday life that I have absolutely desire to see ugly people on my television, so in a measure of full disclosure here’s my ballot:

Apple iTunes1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
2. Friday Night Lights (NBC)
3. Ice-T’s Rap School (VH1)
4. Dexter (Showtime)
5. Heroes (NBC)

As evident of the four different number one votes on the above poll, our television tastes vary a little, but if there is something that all of the voters can agree on is that you should be watching Veronica Mars if you are not already. And as I am writing this Amazon has both season of the show for for half price which is under thirty dollars (see bottom of post for ads). If you do the math, that’s just over a dollar per episode which is less than you can purchase an episode of a show on iTunes so here is your chance to get into the show at a low price or if you already watch the show, it would make a great Christmas present for someone who doesn’t (or for yourself if you haven’t picked them up yet). And to show you how great the show is, here is my personal favorite scene in the show’s history courtesy of :

One last television note, Linda Blair will be appearing on this week's installment of Supernatural and I have some exclusice pictures of the upcoming episode courtesy of The CW. So maybe this Thursday at 9:00 you can catch quality programming instead of a General Hospital in primetime ripoff, whatever city CSI is in this year, or the dude from Little Monsters saying "Deal or no deal" for an entire hour:

Linda Blair on Supernatural 1

Linda Blair on Supernatural 2

Friday, September 29, 2006

Next Impressions: Supernatural / Smallville

The boys are back together, for the momentThere is nothing I hate more than cliffhangers. Yeah they are interesting the week after the season premiere and the week before the next season’s premiere, but the waiting in-between is just annoying. And there was no more annoying cliffhanger in recent memory than that of . The season finally was going along; looking like the Winchester family was going to get their revenge on the shiny demon that took thee life of the family matriarch (as well of one’s girlfriend) only for it to get away in the last minute and causing a car crash leaving the viewers wonder all summer which of the protagonist would survive. After spending all season watching the boys hunt down the shiny demon only to fail left such a bad taste in my mouth I was ready to jump ship, and would have had Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (See my First Impressions) stayed at the originally announced timeslot against Supernatural. But since Studio 60 moved to Mondays and nothing else worth watching at that timeslot (well aside from watching what I tape out of Survivor, Smallville, and My Name Is Earl) I decided to give it another chance.

Dean, not quite all thereThe season naturally started where the show left off at the scene of the accident with Sam being the lone conscious one. Apparently the demon that hit them wasn’t the Big Bad anyways. Oh well. At the hospital, Daddy dearest also makes it out okay, but Dean got hit so hard by the truck, it knocked his soul out of his body which gave him the opportunity to hunt down death that borderlined on complete rip-off of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode where Buffy spent the night in the hospital. At least Supernatual had the sense to make death extremely hot. I don’t think I’d give up much of a fight if death looked like that when it was my time to go.

Back on the corporeal plain, Sam and daddy fight to save Dean in their own ways, with daddy being the one that is able to do so as he surprisingly makes a deal with a devil. Not surprisingly the other thing the demon asked for asides from the colt and the final bullet was for his own life. We will have to see his he had something else up his sleeve that the shiny demon wasn’t expecting plus there were his last words he whispered to Dean. The shiny demon said that daddy dearest knew something about Sam that he didn’t tell him, was that what he told Dean? I’m sure we’ll have to wait awhile to find out.

Verdict: Buffy rip-offs asides, the show looks to be on track with daddy gone, although did I see killer clowns in the preview for next week? Oh and some news for Veronica Mars fans, you may want to turn into the killer clown episode next week as my sources tell me none other than the dearly departed Meg Manning will make an appearance (hopefully not as a killer clown). If she sticks around than I will undoubtedly will too, and let’s face it, the show could benefit from more familiar faces from week to week.


Speaking of cliffhangers, none are more dramatic than those of . At the end of every season, all the townspeople of the farm town are in imminent danger, yet come the following year, everything is back to normal by the start of the second episode. We left off with Zod taking over Lex’s body with Lana at his side, Lionel and Chloe were being trampled in a riot after being pulled out of his limousine, Lois and Martha were in a plane that was going down somewhere in the artic, and Clark was banished to the Phantom Zone. Naturally by the end of the episode, Clark, Lois, and Martha made it back to Smallville, Zod was cast out of Lex’s body, Lionel and Chloe made it out with barely a scratched, and Lana did her usual stand around and look hot thing, not that there is anything wrong with that.

The big new of the season was Lois finally got rid of those tacky bangs with the ugly highlights. I remember seeing her on the CW promo, not recognizing her, and thinking “she must be part of the new show’s cast” only to realize it was her since she was next to Clark. In other big new, Troy Vandergraff (looks like next Thursday will be a Veronica Mars day on the CW) show up as Jimmy Olsen and somehow has the ability to make Chloe totally forget about the future Superman. But how soon will it be until Jimmy starts pining after Lois which we all know will become the basis of the Jimmy Olsen's Blues.

Verdict: Just your typical Smallville premiere, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I got to wonder what is left for Lana this season. I still think her death will be the straw that finally turns Lex into the supervillian we all know he will become. As for the rest of the season, it just a matter of guess which superpowers Clark discovers and which superfriends will show up next (that’s if you don’t know already).

On a related note, nowhere on the CW Thursday did I see one of the revolutionary commercial “pods”. Did they give up on them already or are they just on certain days?