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Sunday, February 05, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 2/5/17

Mercy Street: Oh no, Ramona Flowers may have Typhoid? They better not kill her off, she is basically the main reason I watch.
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Homeland: I was going to scoff at the new president keeping Dar on at the CIA but Trump just announced that James Comie was going to continue to lead the FBI so I guess that is one of the more probable plot twists on the show. How depressing that the plots on Homeland have become more believable than real life? And of course Dar tapped the president, how long until he lets Saul in on this information? And what exactly is Saul doing?

The Affair: So after the big reveal last week that Noah stabbed himself, this week he is now in post coital bliss with Juliette in Paris like nothing happened. Then we get o see her deal with her life even though I do not think we have seen her since the second or third episode. Meh. As usually, Noah’s act was much better especially running inti Furcat. Too bad they did not have a time to work in an episode that featured Furcat’s perspective. And what was so bizarre about this episode was after such a bizarre season, the finale was kind of just normal people doing normal things. Then no Cole or Allison and I am not entirely sure what exactly their purpose were this season.

Conviction: Never a good idea to wait until your last to make a good episode. Incompetent first year lawyer Hayes would have been a much better show than what we had been watching.
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Gotham: I thought we were going to have a repeat from early in season one when Gordon took the Penguin to the docks, and in lei of killing him, said never come back to Gotham, except The Riddler actually did shoot Penguin in the gut. Ouch, I guess not potentially fatal but it s not like he would be the first to ever come back to the dead on this show.
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Supergirl: Oh wow, second episode in a row when I did not absolutely hate Mon-El. But I still loved the very appropriate frat boy dig.
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Lucifer: Wait, so why can the lord of the underworld not allowed to go back and forth freely? Especially leave, he already left once.
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Timeless: What the fork?!? Army guy kills the father of his wife’s killer and still does not manage to change the future (or least that we get to see). Why do I know have the feeling the Riddenhouse was involved in her death?
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Oh wait, Patton Oswalt also has a twin sister? Where exactly has his characters been anyway, the show needs to work them back into the show more often.
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The Path: Wait, did she really just drink contaminated pod water?!? If you really want to walk a mile in their shoes, just drink from their tap. And is Steve not in the light because Eddie is the true leader?
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Emerald City: Wait the Wizard of Oz want Dorthy to kill… Glinda the Good Witch!?!?!? Huh? And when is she actually going to team up with the Tin Man? Shouldn’t that have happened before she arrived at the Emerald City.
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/29/17

Homeland: What a juxtaposition that this season focuses on whether Carrie’s client has been radicalized or not, that Quinn is listening to some wackadoo on the right who is radicalizing angry white dudes. And we already knew Carrie was a horrible mother, but c’mon, what a horrible idea to let Quinn anywhere near her daughter. Maybe it is a good thing Quinn locks the door so Franny cannot find her way downstairs. But the big new was that Saul was right to accuse Carrie of counseling the President-Elect. Obviously we the viewers know how bad a decision that is, but just what does the future president know? I do remember Saul publically calling Carrie a crazy person live on the Congress floor once.

The Affair: Seriously Helen, you are going to eat at the Lockhart Lobster Roll? That was almost as stupid as having a Panic Room that locks from the outside. But at least she finally came clean that she was the one who killed Scotty. And so it is official, Noah is crazy since there was no cut on Gunter’s hand. Makes we wonder if all his prison memories were real. We did see his face messed up when Helen visited him. But maybe scruffy five o’clock shadow Gunther is the only real Gunther. That last scene was clearly an revelation that Noah tabbed himself.

Gotham: I have never been much of a fan of Jerome and him possibly becoming The Joker, but the who reapplying his face look is respectively freaky looking for a potential Joker.
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Supergirl: Oh wow, Mon-El was not completely useless this week and I actually kind of laugh. And he caught the eye of the aliens from the crossover event which are also in Kara’s universe. Hopefully Supergirl does not have to recruit the crappy CW superheroes to defeat them on her planet. Hey, she can always call the Guardian.
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Timeless: The first episode saw a big change in the timeline with Lucy’s sister being erased from history… and then nothing much changed after that. Finally someone is finally going to change the timeline when the short muscle is going to try and go back and save his wife. I kind of hope he succeeds just to shake things up a bit but I have a feeling things will not end up that way.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Radcliff is one sneaky dude, programs Ada to go rouge and even has his own Life Model Decoy around to avoid getting caught himself when it turned out Ada #1 did not actually grow a soul. Oh yeah, and he is secretly working with the anti-Inhuman senator. I was not that eager when then teased the LMD themed block of episode but I am enjoying it more than the Ghost Rider half.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/22/17

The Affair: Allison’s acts have been kind of a bore this season and it looked like that was going to be more of the same… and then Helen plopped down next to her at a bar. That was kind of interesting especially when Helen said, “I think people see what they want to see in people” when you put that in context of how this story is told. Unfortunately no such surprise meeting during Cole’s act (unless you count Allison visiting him in jail which did not happen in her act). I was really hoping he was going to run into Gunter in jail, even though Gunter works at an upstate prison. Hopefully they actually reveal Cole stabbed Noah because something interesting has to happen in his storyline. Him confessing his love to Allison does not cut it.

Lucifer: Wait, only two episodes until the winter finale? I thought it just returned from its winter finale. If you are going away for three month, why even come back for three episodes?
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Timeless: So Lucy gets kidnapped foe one whole episode? Meh, they could have stretched that out a little longer.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: So the Inhuman boss turned out to be a regular human with some Captain America Super Soldier rip off that only works for a limited time. Alrighty. And they did that to make American trust Inhymans but could not find any actual Inhumans they actually trusted to do the actual job. Sounds like our government.
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The Good Place: Is it possible to hate and love a finale at the same time? But before that, the Medium Place was great. Although after what we learned in the finale, is the Medium Place a real place or was she just another actor in Michael’s plan? Is there a real Good Place at all? I am going to assume the answer is yes until we learn definitely either way. As for the final episode, I kind of hated the reveal. When the show started it was hard not to think that this may have been The Bad Place or some sort of Purgatory (which I guess is The Medium Place) but I thought the concept of a horrible person accidentally making it into The Good Place was a strong enough concept it did not need a twist. But on the other hand I did like how the concept set up a potential second season (there has to be a secnd season right, what else does NBC actually have in the comedy department; I do not see Powerless setting the ratings on fire).
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The Blacklist: I was really hoping the creepy kid actually had some special ability, that would have made the episode much more interesting.
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Emerald City: So we now know who the Tin Man is. But does that make the boy turned girl the cowardly lion? They are spending so much time on him/her you would think (s)he would be part of the original story. But wouldn’t it be a little sexist to say a girl who spent her whole life as a boy needs courage.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/14/17

The Affair: Finally another duel perspective episode. And of course Noah’s sex scene was creepy and kind of violent (also interesting that Helen kept her top on during her act and Noah had it off). I am kind of hoping for a Gunter act coming up just to see if what Noah sees is real or not, I am questioning his point of view. Would seem like a long haul to drive from upstate New York into the city just to taunt Noah and not retaliate when he cuts you (I have to imagine that cut will come into play at some point.

:Good Behavior: My big takeaway from the season finale: Just how did Javier get both cars to the house? But anyway. It was a satisfying finale. I am not sure how exactly the show is doing in the ratings or even critically, but if this is also the series finale, I would be fine with how the season played out.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Oh man, good one Dr. Ratcliff, program your robot to make it seem like she has overwrote their own programming. Really brilliant. But when does Ada actually go Ex-Machina?
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Sunday, January 08, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/8/17

The Affair: Wait, what just happened? They teased Noah going crazy in the lake and his act ends with the exact same moment, except there was someone there. Or was there? That was young Noah right? But yeah, there should be a Noah segment every episode.

Conviction: I am not entirely sure why I am still watching this dead show walking (oh yeah, my irrational love of Peggy Carter) but that had to be one of the most awkward kisses in television history.
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:Good Behavior: 57 Channels was off last week so here are my thought on the post Christmas episode followed by this week’s episode: The previous week’s with the ballad of Javier’s family was a bit of a drag, but boy did they made up for it this week with shocker after twist after shocker. I guess you have to start at the end with Letty asking Javier to kill her baby daddy. Oh, yeah, we learned Jacob’s father was a porn director turned video fitness guru. And to think, most episodes I would have started off with Nelson being played at a wedding reception. Oh yeah, and then the Godmother learned her husband enjoys getting rammed by dudes in his office. I was thinking the Godmother may be the only one on this show worth rooting for. Then the parole office popped into my mind. Where has that guy been? If my memory is correct, the last we saw of him was being questioned by the FBI after he and Letty robbed the hotel. That thread has to be tied by the end of the season.

1/3 – So that is what happened to the parole officer; just waiting for the right time to have him and his new FBI buddy to try to get Letty to turn on Javier. Quite a pickle, turn him in seems obvious until you realize dude is resourceful. Maybe the smart thing would have been to give him a heads up, I do think him just leaving town is good enough. Should make for an interesting finale.
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Blindplot: Well I was completely wrong about who was going to die because apparently no one did. Meh. But the big bad let Kurt live again, what could she possibly want with him? Is he going to turn out to be a Manchurian Candidate?
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Emerald City: I will say this, the show looks very beautiful (NBC got the guy who directed The Cell to direct all ten episodes) but it became clear pretty quickly that we probably do not need a dark re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz with a Christ-like Scarecrow with amnesia.
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Friday, December 23, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/23/16

Shameless: Odd they would end the season devoting the whole episode to Monica dying, leaving most of the season plotlines just hanging there. The biggest being that Svetlana still owns The Alibi with no retribution. Something to look forward to next season. I will be more interested in what is up with Fiona’s new building. Are she and the family (and Kev and Vee) going to move in? Even a building in progress is still better than what they are currently living in. Of course Frank will figure out a way to sneak in. But that is only if the building is really up to code, I do not really trust the guy selling.

The Affair: I thought we were going to get two wildly different accounts of Block Island. Instead Noah starts off his act in flashbacks with creepy Brendon Frasier only to flash forward to where Allison left off and then another flashback and back to the present. I wanted to see how Noah recounted Allison being the one who wanted to go into the hot tub. Oh well. But creepy Brendon Frasier is the best part of this season. Maybe we will get a creepy Brendon Frasier episode.

:Good Behavior: After an interesting plot twist, Javier killing the guy who hired him to kill his wife in the first episode, kind of a drag that the rest of the episode was dragged down but his over dramatic family. But at least we now know how he grew up to become a cold hearted hitman.
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/18/16

Shameless: By my count, this is the third chick who died after hooking up with Frank. But really, in the even seasons, it is Frank that pretty much dies and somehow survives. Then I pretty much figured that Ian would not go with Micky. Now my big prediction this week is that after finally getting a win with the laundromat, I think Fiona will some hoe get swindled by the apartment guy.

The Walking Dead: Geez, I thought Negan was starting to like the fat chick; that was cold. But at least he had the decency to shoot her in the head, he lead the douchebag mayor’s son bleed out from the gut so he would come back as a walker. Well at least the gang is back together (or at least those that are left minus Eugene). So I guess the back half of the season will be the planning and joining forces until the finally when they start their assault on Negan. Ugg, this show is as slow as the walkers on the show.
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The Affair: Cole has always been number four in the The Affair power ranking, but goodness that first act was a complete and utter bore. I would much rather have a Haddie Braverman centered act than another Cole one. Unless of course he was the incompetent stabber. Granted Allison’s was not that much better, but we did get the return of different recounting of events. And her interaction with the detectives was really weird in the way they were acting. And then maybe the most different of any two perspective with what happened after Joanie feel off the horse.

Timeless: Really, they kill Riddenhouse and we do not get to see how present day was changed, if at all. I was kind of hoping they would return to a post-apocalyptic present day, but hey, at least Lucy’s sister and boring white dude’s wife are now alive again! Instead Lucy gets kidnapped and no glace at present day which leads me to believe nothing changes even though they killed some dude who was supposed to sign some treaty in a couple years.. I liked the idea of Timeless but the execution is leaving less than entertained.
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:Good Behavior: When the promo focused on Letty looking for her son in the mega store, I first thought, oh no, The Killing went off the rails when the frumpy sweater lady spent an entire episode looking for her runaway kid. I guess this episode did not focus solely on searching for the kid, had some funny moments, and had a couple plot twists. Seriously, who expected seeing the Godmother’s husband getting rammed by another dude? And like almost every episode so far, I left the episode with no idea where the show goes from here.
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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: You had to have the sense Adam was going to win after they got down to the final three, but in my views, Hannah gave a significantly better case to be a winner at the Final Tribal so I was shocked that Adam won by a clean sweep. Really, Ken should have had a good argument, single father, won a bunch of challenges, cashed in the very first Legacy Advantage, loyal but knew when to turn on an alliance to help his game, lone Gen Xer in the finals; he just did not make it, or really any argument.

That Hannah did not get even one vote, I had to wonder that much like the nation that picked an incompetent man as president, are the Survivor contestants getting more and more sexist? Recently we had those two overtly chauvinistic seasons (Worlds Apart and Cagayan) so I looked it up and five of the last seven season were won by men and one was in an all-female final (Blood vs. Water II), the other being two girls and Tai (Kaôh Rōng). Granted before this stretch, there was a three women win streak. So I guess this just may be an anomaly.

But of course the most important part of every Survivor finale: the preview for the next season. And what a weird roll out. First there was a vague trailer and we were left to wonder if the people they were highlighting were actually going to be in the next season or not. Then I seemed like they were going to announce the cast, but then only brought out eight of them, including Michaela who was already on stage. So why fly in just those seven? Were they the only ones available? Were they on a budget and just picked them at random? Were they picked because they are going to go far? Making things weirder, Probst announces Michaela was in the cast, but not Zeke who spoilers say is also in the cast. I more disappointed that also only the spoiler list, Andrea, was not at the reunion and I do not even remember seeing her in the promo.

As for those that did show up, what a mixed bag. It started out horrible, Tony was one of the most annoying ever, Tai not that far behind. The third guy I even had to look up (apparently Caleb was the guy who got air lifted from the last Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty). Then Ozzy? Seriously, they let the porn star back for, what, the fifth time? Please stop with Ozzy. Does he know something about Probst? Did they film a porn together? Ugg. The rest were fine. Ciera is always a welcome edition even though I cannot imagine she will go far. Same for Cirie. But I wonder why Sandra came back after two straight wins. C’mon girl. Wait for an all winner’s season to come back. Coming back to battle the likes of Tai and Ozzy is beneath you.
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

57 Channel and Only This Is Only: 12/11/16

Once Upon a Time: So Belle and Mr. Gold’s son grows up to kill Emma. Alrighty. How very Angel of a plot.
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Shameless: So dos Micky not remember he has a kid? I was kind of disappointed that we did not get to see his reaction to the whole sisterwives situation his kid is growing up in. But I guess that relationship is already messed up without him popping up. He did not even run into Ian’s new trans flame. And oh wow, I am shocked Fiona sold the laundromat, she had plenty of reasons to give up on it and just take advantage of Edna, I’d figure she would keep it. Of course I have a feeling she is not going to like what her boss is going to do with the neighborhood. But the biggest shocker, Ian actually got in the van.

The Walking Dead: I did not dislike Negan while he was on screen for the first time ths season (and I hate in a hate to hate kind of way, not a love to hate kind of way; dude is seriously annoying and way too over the top), but I did laugh when he hit on the fat chick, got slapped by her and said that only made him fifty percent more attracted to her. Of course everything else about the episode mostly sucks. Seriously Carl, I know you are down to one eye, but how do you miss a guy standing right in front of you? I fear the second half of the season will be people trying to kill Negan and missing. Carl missed. Rosalita got her one bullet. Jesus is roaming around somewhere. You have to figure Rick and Dayrl are waiting for their chance. Hopefully the fat chick who was in charge of the arsenal will have a few hiding around and will be the one who does Negan in.
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The Affair: Wait, was that Brendon Frasier? Oh my, the last two decade have not been kind especially when you consider the new trailer for The Mummy reboot was released the same weekend with Frasier being replaced by Tom Cruise. And it was pretty obvious he would survive on account he is the main character, but c’mon, how does Noah survives an assault like that? Seriously who stabs someone in the neck and just leaves without making sure their mark is not dead?

:Good Behavior: Well that was interesting, did not see the parole officer go full heel. Is he going to join Letty and Javier’s gang now.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: So when did Adia replace May (and why is it may that always seems to get replace)? Was it when May was sent to retrieve May or was it sooner than that (come to think of it, May was unusually chippy early in the episode before she was sent to get Adia). Oh yeah, and why did she do it? But when it comes down to it, I am not sure Adia will make for a very interesting Big Bad for the second half of the season.
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Hairspray Live: NBC really needed to step its live musical game up after Fox blew them out of the water with Grease Live. Unfortunately they decided on a lackluster musical that already got a big screen adaptation not too long ago and ended up the worst live musical yet. Sure NBC stole some Fox ideas that I have been suggesting from the beginning: a live audience and a curtain call. Expect the crowd was only there for the show inside the musical and all other scenes were completely quiet which actually made it weirder. Then the curtain call was a gratuitous excuse to highlight the two biggest names in the cast. But at least their next live musical is Bye Bye Birdie. Wait, it is going to be Bye Bye Birdie starring Jennifer Lopez? Meh. Wake me up when they get Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling to star in Guys and Dolls.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Previewing The Affair: Season Three

As Showtime usually does with many of its shows, they premiered the first episode of The Affair new season early through various outlets. If you have not seen it yet, be warned I am going to spoil it because something huge happens at the end that I do not want to be vague about it, so head to your On Demand station or Showtime Anytime pass to watch it now. I will be vague about the other episodes I have seen. You have been warned.

At the surface, you would think The Affair was some intense family drama, but it was sneakily a murder mystery too as we learned early in the series that one of the characters was murdered. We finally learned last season that it was in fact Helen that ran over Scott Lockhart but Noah actually stood up in court and took the rap for his ex-wife. The new season picks up three years later, because apparently vehicular manslaughter is not a very serious crime in New York State. There is still the multiple act structure, but just like in the second season, it looks like some episodes, one person’s POV will take up the entire hour.

With that murder now solved, they replaced with another mystery, who stabbed Noah (I will no spoil whether he survived the attack yet, on account I do not know if he did or not yet). And what a bizarre scene, Noah clearly knew someone was there but does not turn around. And what kind of attacker just stabs once and leaves not making sure they got the job done? Of course the potential killer list is very long with all the Lockhart’s, really all of Montauk, he son was very cold at the funeral, and the eldest daughter did not even bother to show up.

I believe last season, the first couple episodes were solo perspective episodes, but in the early episodes of season three, Noah I the only one who gets a full hour to himself. The second episode gets split between Helen and Allison split time. Although this is a split from previous seasons because the two never cross paths in each other act, but we do get to see Helen’s visit to the prison from her perspective. And much like last season which saw the addition of the perspectives of Helen and Cole, this season we get the point of view of Juliette, a French Lit professor Noah meets in the first episode and we get to see the dinner party he attends (Haddie Braverman also is there as a student of both Juliette and Noah's) from her perspective in episode three.

Hopefully this opens up the show even more as the two person point of view got stale pretty quickly in season one as you were confined to following just two characters around. Even upping that to four got tedious at the end of season for. Maybe everyone is a possibly this season. I would wager a guess that Cole’s bride will get an act or two. But really, I just hope the bratty daughter gets her own episode. C’mon, who would not want to see how she ended up in a hot tub with her father last season? And this season is even better now she is dating an erotic photographer who calls himself Furkat who livens up the episode where Helen comes to visit. Actually I am now kind of hoping for a Furkat perspective episode.

The Affair airs Sundays at 10:00 on Showtime.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/27/15

Homeland: Well that was two straight seasons with kind of subdued finales. Last year was all about Carrie's father's funeral and this season Carrie foils the terrorists plot in the first act. I figured the rest of the episode would focus on catching Allison but there were a lot of scene inter-spliced with Carrie's boss weirdly coming on to her (I think?) the whole Quinnn thing and when they finally got back to Allison, they just sprayed the car like a mobster movie which left me thinking, wait was that actually Allison in the trunk, maybe I miss saw and it was really just one of the human trafficking girls from the house. But I re-watched that see, paused and zoomed it and am pretty sure that was Allison. Maybe a season of getting Allison out of Russia would have been a good set up. Oh well. So what is next, will next season be Carrie married to Otto still in Berlin or is she going to change her mind and take Saul up on his offer and we will be in another war zone next year?

The Affair: When Noah came up as the focus of Act 1, I thought, well he probably did not kill Scotty and it will end up whoever is the focus of Act II. Except at the end of Act I, we see a drunken Helen run over Scotty after Noah made her take the wheel. Well that explains why she paid for his high powered lawyer. Then the lawyer of all people ended up spoiling the surprise twist by suggesting to Noah that they should float the idea in court that Alison pushed Scotty in from of the car. Then I though, oh, that is extremely plausible. And of course that turned out to be what happened. So Noah is left to decide whether to let his wife or the mother of his child take the rap, of course he takes option three and falls on the sword. Not that I think he will spend much time in jail. I do not think the Scotty case is closed and season three will end with someone else taking the fall. But what I do not understand is the whole Alison's baby daddy situation. They spent half the season teasing Scotty was the father and that was the big news he had over Alison. But it turns out Cole is the father but does not know. But if Scotty, who did not seem like the smartest man on Earth, can figure this out how has Cole not? Can Cole not count nine months? It never really accorded to me because they do plenty of time jumping between episodes so it was unclear where they are in the timeline any given episode but how does Cole not learn when Alison is pregnant not do the math? I have had issues with the show from the beginning, but I an still intrigued where the show goes next.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines: Three weeks ago there were three crazy Brazilians on my television screen, and now there are none. Hurumph. Yeah, this format sucks massively. They they even messed up the best challenge of the season by not having everyone participate in trivia instead having half the people answers questions (I am too lazy to go back and rewatch but Nany's cousin got some of the easiest questions in the history of the show) the the dumbest people did not even get a chance to show the world how dumb they are. But as much as the show is trying to ruin the format, the competitor are giving a valiant effort at acting crazy. And things do not get much crazier than Abram and his head tattoo (even more socking than Abram's arrival: his brother looks and acts like everyone's tax guy). Knowing CT and Zach are coming at some point, is it too easy to predict that Abram literally kills the guy Cara Maria has been hooking up with and that is why we need two new bloodlines?
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/20/15

The Librarians: You would think it would get old quick, but Groundhog Day type episodes are always a high point of any series that can pull it off. Though I thought the episode turning out to being a video game instead did not add much to the story and actually drug the episode down after that reveal.
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Homeland: I am not sure who was more dumb this episode, whoever left the cell phone dude alone in a room with a window to jump out of, Allison's escort who gave someone suggested of treason his firearm, or Saul, who after left the room long enough for the terror suspect to jump out a window, to leave Allison alone in the operating room. Sadly I believe there are people in our intelligence agencies to do stupid stuff like this. So now we are down to one episode left, does Carrie get to the bomb in time (okay this is an easy answer, they are not going to blow up the star unless someone gives her the antidote that they gave Quinn) and does Saul find Allison before she make it to Russian soil?

The Affair: Bombshell in the courtroom, hedge fund douchebag says under oath that Noah was washing off blood in his driveway. I doubt someone that rich would lie under oath over bad feelings that happened this week. That is not to say Noah killed Scotty, it could have very well have been Allison and Noah cleaning up the mess. Or a silly red herring and Noah hit a deer even though there is no reason to clean deer blood off your car in the middle of the night. Then Cole became officially engaged this week, does that mean we will actually see the wedding next week? I wonder if they will stick to the two act structure or split it up like the hurricane episode. I kind of hope they devote the whole episode, or the very least one act, to Scotty's point of view to see what he has been up to all season. The hinted twice this season that he is the real father of Allison's kid, it would be weird if we do not actually see that affair consummated.

Quantico: Weren't we promised the identity of the bomber this episode? All we got was the gay dude admitting he was blackmailed into helping and some reveal about the FBI's head's son almost blowing himself up earlier in life, but that certainly is no smoking gun. But at least the episode gave me a good laugh at the thought of Ben Carson being at a New Years Eve party thrown by a sitting Democratic Senator. Still not even in the top ten least believable thing the show has done this season.
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Supergirl: A hacking scandal on Supergirl... well that was kind of awkward. But anyway. After the great reveal of Martian Manhunter last week, the midseason finale was a big letdown. What a horrible ending. I thought after Supergirl and Non went after each other I thought we would get a resolution after a commercial break, except after the break there was a promo for NCIS, not even one for Supergirl or even a "Supergirl returns with new episodes..." tag. But I guess the only big new of the winter finale was Cat finally figuring out her assistant was Supergirl. Sure how she came to the realization (no way a human could have heard that conversation!) was silly and she still needed Kara to take off her glasses for confiermation, but silly is what the show does best.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Survivor: Second Chances: We had our very first no vote ever in the history of Survivor!!! Still, even after Probst explained the rules via a telestrator during the commercial break, I am still a little confused with what happened. And once again we has someone overplaying their hand, Kimmi just spent way too much time with Kelley and Keith. Still another great moment in what you have to put into the discussion of greatest ever. Unfortunately that was the last great moment of the season as the last two Tribals went as expected and Jeremy won in a blowout. Shame Kelley did not win that last Tribal because I would have liked to see that vote. It is a shame Probst did not do his usual, let's revote to see if you made the wrong decision because I wold like to see if Kelley had a chance. You would think Abi Maria, Cierra, and Kass would likely vote for her, maybe Keith, Kimmi, and Spencer (though I think his I will do whatever it takes for Kelley to win was just a ploy to get Jeremy to take him to the finale).

Speaking of Spencer I did find it interesting he did say he stopped watching because he kept second guessing himself as to if he should have taken out Jeremy. Of course, not taking out Jeremy / Tasha instead of sending Abi Maria to the jury was stupid. Going up against Abi Maria and Keith would have been a slam dunk. Oh well, on to the next one with a return of Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Awesome. I loved this concept unfortunately the first time they did it was one of the worst cast season's in the history of Survivor. Hopefully they did a better time next time around even though the promo looks like half the cast get pulled from the game due to injury. But I am a little more excited for next fall, is it too soon for Survivor: Third Chances? You have everyone in the cast is available sans Jeremy. Then the only way to make the Witches Coven better would be to add Kat (or their first male member Phillip). You can also reunite original castmates Gervase, Sue, and Kelly (but she can only return if she promises not to pull out that stupid pick a number way of voting), from the second season, Kimmi and Alicia can go head to head again (maybe Survivor can rip off The Challenge and have a Rivals season) one of my personal favorites Andrea, Erik the Ice Cream scoopper deserves a third chance after being pulled from the game last time, and who would not want to see Francesca get booted first for the third time?
You can download Survivor: Second Chance on iTunes.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines: Since I wanted to finish all the Winter Finales (ugg) of all the fall shows before starting something new, I was did not start the new season until this week but it was worth the wait. It is so nice to have drunk Nany and crazy Camilla back in my life. The show continued its trading ideas with Survivor and stole its Blood vs. Water concept for Bloodline. But at least The Challenge is actual blood, no wives or boyfriends. Okay there is one adopted dude and I am a bid suspicious of some "cousins" while Camilla's sister lacks a Brazilian accent like Camilla and Abi Maria. The season started out strong with a deceptively great challenge with the mud hill. First it is always great to incorporate mud into a challenge, with the running water going into the dirt it made it harder to go up the hill, and of course anything physical where you have to fight for a spot is always great.

Unfortunately with all the great personalities, just in the first three episodes you had Nany and Camilla going H.A.M. as you would expect, and two bothers getting into a fight while two cousin hurled the worst insults on the show since Frank brought up gay porn and Nany's drug addled sister (how was she not here) the show is ruining this season will a really poor format. They start off putting co-ed teams in a severe disadvantage meaning they could be eligible for both male and female elimination week. Compounding this Jill goes into elimination despite eating more bugs than Jenna's cousin and Aneesa just because her cousin is a dude on a male elimination week.

And the new teams this week may not be much better. It is silly to have a bloodline go home just because their relative lost a challenge. Why change that format at all? They should have just kept the two person teams and had no co-ed (or all co-ed) teams. Or just go full Survivor and anyone can be up for elimination. Way to be stuck in the 20th century MTV by still separating the genders. I was also going to make fun of Cara Maria for managing to build a horrible team, but she actually won that first challenge and may lose her weakest teammate in the first team elimination. And if Tony goes home for turning the color of The Grinch just in time for Christmas and she can replace him with CT who we know is showing up sometime this season, she just may end up going from an embarrassingly bad team to a pretty strong one.
You can download The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines on iTunes.

Childhood's End: I kind of like Syfy's annual pre-Christmas miniseries event, just as everything goes on hiatus, here is something to watch during the holidays. I still have the last two hours to go, but this one is at the very least better than last year's attempt whose name I already forgot.
You can download Childhood's End on iTunes.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/13/15

Once Upon a Time: Oh my goodness, they actually killed Hook! His puppy dog love affair with Emma may be at the top of the list of why this show has sucked for a couple seasons now. They even killed Neil, a much more interesting character, just to make it easier for Hook and Swan to get together. Oh wait after the commercial break Emma made her plan known of going to the Underworld to bring him back by giving him half her heart. What!?! This show is so stupid, just cancel it now and replace it with Galavant full time. And the promo make it look like the Underworld is not the one from Hercules but just Storybrooke with a filter on the camera. Ugg.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Homeland: I found Allison's excuse last week a little flimsy, but saying she ran it past the dearly departed David Estes makes it a little more plausible. But still, Estes not even telling his supervisor at the time is a little thin. But this week's hunt for Quinn was not excited as last week's episode because it seemed pretty obvious that Carrie would end up finding him. And it was pretty convenient that she found the terrorist nest after everyone left.

The Affair: We have not seen too many overlapping scenes this season but it was kind of odd how different this one was this week where both Allison and Noah thought they had made dinner the other missed. Also an interesting choice to basically have the first act be a bottle episode with Noah in the therapist office. Granted the part I spent the most time focusing on was Noah talking about seeing Captain America. I have spent most of this season when the future segments happened but now I am beginning to wonder when the main timeline is happening. Is the main timeline happening in the past? If so was Noah talking about the first one, which was released in 2011, the sequel, which came out last year? Would this mean the future on the show is present day? Or maybe the current timeline is in the future, they jumped about a year this episode, and he is talking about next year's Captain America movie. Now I am going to start obsessing about every little thing trying to figure out when the show is taking place.

Quantico: So Asher came up with the plan to plant the bomb at Grand Central Station but never intended to implement it and someone else found that plan and used it. Alrighty. Well if the promo monkeys are to be believed we will learn who actually did it during the winter finale (ugg). I predicted Shelby did it back when the show premiered but now I am leaning toward Jacob from Lost. Which would be a cop out because they billed the show as Alex got sold out by some in her class.
You can download Quantico on iTunes.

Supergirl: Oh you sneaky writers. With a character named Hank Henshaw you had to think he was going to be Cyborg Superman behind those red eye. But it turns out the real Hank is dead and Martian Manhunter took over his identity (on a side note, I would be a little worried if I were that actor learning my character died prior to the show and the guy I am playing is a shape shifter who presumably take another form next season; but then again, the real Hank is probably off turning himself into a Cyborg and may play two characters next season). Of course his over the top anti-alien rhetoric was a bit much in the premiere make a little less sense now. And though we the viewers know Martian Manhunter is a good guy, Kara's sister should probably be very skeptical of him, maybe more so now. And is it safe to assume the one other person who knows his true identity is Superman? And does that mean we are going to get a version of the Justice League at some point. Granted if there is a team up there probably will not be anyone of the charter members because DC will want to keep them off the small screen. The show really could not do a variant of Teen Titans because TNT is developing that property. So with the properties the show will have available to them, the Justice League may just be Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, a reprogrammed Red Tornado, The Wonder Twins, Plastic Man, and Apache Chief.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

The Voice: All I wanted was either Amy Vachal or Madi Davis in the finals. I am not greedy, just one of them, I did not need both in. But do you know who is greedy, bored housewives and country fans who had to fill the finale with boring white dude balladeers and country singer, and of course one country singing boring white dude. A lot of people complained about the massive cut from nine to three with one Twitter Save, but it did work. I watched the semi-finals for the first time since season three because Amy and Madi made it that far. Had they done the double elimination like previous season, they may have both been gone before we lost one country singer.

But the producers should know there is a better way to keep viewers from bailing than string fans around fora month only to break everyone heart who is not a country fan or bored housewife in one fell swoop and they can do it in one of two ways. The first is something I doubt they would ever do because they clearly give these coaches complete free will no matter how dumb their decisions are, but they should sit down the coaches and tell them they are setting a hard quota to make sure the top 12 is a diverse group of different musical styles and for goodness sake Blake, no more all country teams again.

But since they will never tell the coaches what to do despite the coaches having multi-millions of reasons to do what they are told to do, the other fix is really easy. Change how we can vote. Right now you can vote for as many people as you want ten time, so if out are a country fan, you are probably just going to vote for all four country singers. And then you have cases like Braiden Sunshine who is no one's favorite but is enough people's fourth or fifth favorite to make it to the semi-finals. That has to stop, they need to change the rule so each round you have ten votes total. Put all ten on your favorites or divide them among your two to five favorites. Of course instead of doing this, the show will probably just switch the schedule next season to just eliminate one per week again but will end with an eight person finale.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Oh my goodness, they actually killed Ward! It came a season too late but they finally did it. Oh wait after the commercial break zombie Ward is standing in the street. What the frack!?! That is trice this week ABC killed someone just to be surprise, the character is sticking around! I guess we are to assume that is the Inhuman god thing that shape shifted into Ward. Pretty convenient to make it into a shape shifter all of the sudden. Why he was hanging out in the astronaut's bomb shelter was a little silly.
You can download Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iTunes.

Survivor: Second Chances: Mostly a filler episode like these late season episodes tend to be until a really bad ending when Tasha co-opted Joe's let's vote out the person everyone want to sit next at the end pitch and somehow was able to get Jeremy, Kimmi and even Spencer on board. Well at least Abi Maria made the jury. But the most interesting part came in the credit when Probst saying something that has never happened in thirty-one season is going down in the season finale. Are we going to have our very first tie at Final Tribal? What exactly is the tie breaker for that? Building fire would be a silly way to determine who gets one million dollars.
You can download Survivor: Second Chance on iTunes.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/6/15

Once Upon a Time: So Emma stole everyone's memory because she stole Captain Hook's memory and wanted everyone to forget she turned him into a Dark One and stole his because his big master-plan was to resurrect all the Dark Ones. I hate this show. When Captain Hook was going to open the gates to the Underworld I actually was kind of hoping the show was going to exploited Hercules next and go hang out with Hades.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Homeland: What a great episode. The whole trying to entrap Allison was just gripping. First time fails as she just has sex with a dude instead of panicking. And then there is a great spy vs. spy stuff when she actually does run. But I was a bit disappointed in the ending when Allison whispers in the Russian's ear and I am thinking it is some great plan only for her to say he was her asset this whole time which I really do not think anyone should buy. She has a high ranking Russian mole that she has never told anyone about before? I really hope that Dar (or the writers think Dar) is that stupid. She is going to need more than that to get out of this.As for the other half of the episode, I am beginning to tire of the Quinn story line.

The Walking Dead: Oh Carl, kill that kid... and his brother. Then I do not sure who is more stupid fighting to the death over the captured Wolf: Carol or Morgan. Know you both are knocked out and he is set free. The show usually does premieres and finales the best but this may have been the worst of any of them since the farm season. Hopefully Negan is as great as message board commentator say. The Governor certainly was not.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

The Affair: This is the third time this season I spent the episode we would get to spend an entire act with the daughter. The first time was when she showed up drunk to the guest house, then when she showed up drunk to the Lockhart's Thanksgiving, and now with she drunkenly making out with another chick in a hot tub while her naked father watched inches away. Since the switched up the format this week, can we please get an episode dedicated to what she has been up to this season? Oooh, maybe that is the season finale: we follow drunk daughter through this season and ends with her drunk driving into Scotty.

Into the Badlands: The plot is still thin and silly but, hey, it is still visually cool. And that has to be the first wheelchair fight ever on television. Well, unless you count the cripple fight on South Park.
You can download Into the Badlands on iTunes.

Gotham: What a bizarrely awesome assortment of people going after Galavan. Thankfully Lucius finally was able to fix the computer two months later to join them to point out how silly it all was. Seriously, a fifteen year old girl took out an armed guard with a kick. Then Tigress's great escape was great, pushing her niece out the window only to just out later only to reveal they both had parachute gliders. But I did call Silver would be the one who saved Bruce (somewhat, she basically just stalled long enough for the ragtag gang to show up). I was a bit surprised that Jim was the one who killed Galavan, I thought he would just walk away and let Penguin do what he wanted. And how did the body end up in the morgue? How about dropping the body in the river to get rid of the evidence. Now Dr. Strange has control of the body for whatever reason along with a not so subtle glimpse at Fish Mooney in one of the tanks. I did not recognize anyone else in the tanks that could hint at who is next, I will have to check the internet nerd who are smarter than me to see if I missed something. Though I definitely recognized Mr. Freeze at the end.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Supergirl: Yeah, Maxwell Lord is definitely going to hook up with Kara's sister. Kind of a meh episode aside from the Landry Clarke's father sighting. I wonder now that he is free from his creator if Red Tornado will gain free will and start fighting for good or if this was a one off episode for him.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I was shocked when the episode started with Coulson having a dinner date with Roz after learning last week she was working with Hydra, even if that was inadvertently. But being a show with Joss Whedon on it, having a happy couple means one of them had to die. And of course this drives Coulaon to skydive into a portal to another world. Aside from the shocking death, mostly a filler episode setting up what looks like a big Winter Final (ugg) with a battle on the Inhuman planet. The big question is if they are able to bring back Simmons' astronaut buddy and will the big bad Inhuman comes back too. My prediction: they are the same person!!!!
You can download Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iTunes.

Survivor: Second Chances: I know you have to say anything to make it three more days when you think you are on the bottom, but Joe's "We should vote out the person everyone wants to sit next to at Final Tribal" has to be the worst pitch in Survivor history. How about pointing out how the person who dominates the Immunity Challenges never win the game?
You can download Survivor: Second Chance on iTunes.

Nashville: The daughters are really starting to get annoying. I know teenagers are annoying and moody in real life but do television writers realize how painful it is to watch them on television? Teenagers on television have not always been this annoying. I blame the annoying people who are constantly harping on things not being realistic, which I think started when people started pointing out Jack Bower never went to the bathroom once over the course of twenty-four hours or ever got stuck in Los Angeles traffic. These this did not happen because it made for bad television.And as realistic as annoying teenagers are, it is time to ban them from television.

The Wiz Live!: Well that was significantly better than the previous two musicals even if there was a visible camera in the first scene. Which I guess was not too hard because Carrie Underwood cannot act, Allison Williams was horribly miscast and Christopher Walken may have been asleep the whole time. Mary J. Blige pretty much stole the show with maybe the most over the top acting ever put to film. Maybe NBC should do Wicked next and let Mary reprise her role. Granted, if I were the guy in charge, I would still throw all the money I could at Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for a live production of Guys and Dolls, with Kristen Bell and Jason Street in the supporting roles. Of course now we do not have to wait another year for the next musical because next month Fox is putting on Grease Live. Cannot wait. We are truly living the the greatest era for cheesy entertainment since the eighties.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/28/15

Homeland: So we finally learned why Allison is in bed with the Russians: blackmail for literally being in bed with her informant who she was going to run away with before he set her up. But I do wonder if Allison knew if the Acrobat was still alive or not . He did end up in the vacation destination Allison talked about (what a horrible screen saver, all that is going to do is burn that image into the screen, it should have at least rotated, and what douchebag these days still uses a screen saver instead of the auto screen shut off; it is just a waste in electricity dude). But if Allison knows that Carrie knows the Acrobat is still alive, you let the assassin to kill her because Carrie can figure out everything.

The Walking Dead: The show did not fool me when it looked like Glen was getting his guts pulled out the last time we saw him on screen. Then they pulled the actor's name from the credit making me think, oh wow, he may actually be dead, but it ended up being just a huge troll move because it was the other dude who fell on top of him and it was his guts being pulled out and Glen actually was able to pull himself under the trash bin and the and the hoard of zombies conveniently dispersed even though they knew he was under there and started clawing at him. After this obvious conclusion, I was hoping the writers actually pulled a bigger troll move and at the ended the episode with a zombie coming out of nowhere to bite him. Maybe they are saving that for the mid-season finale.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

The Affair: I am starting to wonder just what is the timeline in the future. This whole time I was thinking it was maybe five years in the future but I am beginning to think the future is right around the corner. Is the baby currently gestating in Allison's belly the one that may or may not be Scotty's? If so, does that mean the two hooked up while Allison was in her hippy retreat phase? Could Cole's wedding be the season finale?I kind of wish the show would spend more time in the future because that is becoming much more interesting. Or least give annoying daughter her own act.

Into the Badlands: The show looked stylish and there was not much else to watch this week so I thought I would give it a try. Yeah the show looked cool and the fight scenes are fun, but there is so really bad writing on this show. The plot seems to just be an amalgamation of every post apocalyptic warlord run future movie ever made. And for a show entitled Into the Badlands, there are a lot of characters talking about leaving the Badlands.
You can download Into the Badlands on iTunes.

Supergirl: Maxwell Lord is kind of a huge douchebag. Not only does he set up all those tests for Supergirl, he actually comes clean about it. Even Bond villains do not tell James their evil plan until after they think he is about to die. And I got this creepy vibe that Lord is going to hook up with Supergirl's sister at some point.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Gotham: The teenagers have been the weak link for a season and a half now thanks to some bad writing and even worse acting but that Bruce doublecross on Silver was great. When you get the dude from Sons of Anarchy to play a bad guy I completely bought that he would rough up a bunch of kids. Then you have a great scene between Alfred and Tigress, the stilettos on the elevator roof was a great shot. But it was obvious that Galivan would get off but the explanation was silly with the mayor changing his story, was that the plan all along or did Galivan threaten him from inside the prison? Fall finale (ugg) next week with James teaming up with Penguin to find Bruce and Galivan. But let me predict that it is Silver turning on her uncle that frees the Son of Gotham.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Blindspot: The promo two weeks ago promised someone would die before the Fall Finale (ugg) and I just assumed that was Chrissy Seaver's boyfriend which was kind of cheap for that tease. Except we got a legitimate shocking death this week when tree tattoo guy killed CIA guy who I thought was going to be a big bad that looms on the show. Then tree tattoo guy shows Lady Siff of Lady Siff saying everything is going as planned and she did this to herself. What!?! So if I am understanding it correctly, she basically Trojan Horsed herself into the FBI because it is corrupt and she needs to fix it from the inside. Okay, not the dumbest reveal in television history.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes..

Survivor: Second Chances: What a range of emotions it may have been good to have a double episode on Thanksgiving Eve. The first hour ended with a low as Jeremy stupidly wasted an Idol on Stephan (which looks even more stupid after what happened in the second hour) leaving Ciera with the most votes that counted. And what I thought that happened ended up happening with Stephan being targeted at the next Tribal Council and Jeremy went from an alliance with two Idols and an Extra Vote to just one Idol and your closest alliance member heading to Pondarosa. And why are you saving someone who does not even trust you enough to tell you what his advantage was. Of course Ciera deserves some blame because it was stupid to express her plan to out Stephan in ear shot of Jeremy anyway. You float the idea of Stephan being a huge threat with his advantage in the group and then sway people in smaller groups.

But as dreadful as the first episode turned out, the second Tribal Council goes in the Pantheon. Seriously, what was Stephan doing? Again the split vote was unnecessary and ultimately sent him home. Why are you fearing Abi Maria has an Idol? This is a person who openly admitted to having an Idol the last time she played simply because Probsts asked if anyone else wanted to share that they have an Idol mostly in a joking way. If you wanted to know if Abi Maria had an Idol, probably all you had to do was ask. And this led to a weird vote. When Stephan stole Joe's vote I thought, well Joe is a goner. Except Stephan instead votes for Abi Maria and they uses Joe's vote to vote for Joe (which technically should not count because Survivor rules state you cannot vote for yourself, not that it ended up mattering). So I thinking if Stephan is confidant enough to split, he must had pulled Tasha and Spencer back into the fold but when that last vote was cast, it was Stephan who when home. What a great Tribal.
You can download Survivor: Second Chance on iTunes.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/22/15

Once Upon a Time: Well that was weird, I know that it was not designed to be a two parter but still weird of all the episodes to pair up, why these two? Why not a two part winter finale instead? The first hour was heavy into the big mystery of the season where we finally learn Emma's plan (she saved Captain Hook by turning him into another Dark One, huh, and want to put the darkness into the Wicked Witch and kill her eliminating the darkness once and for all, alrighty) but then they follow it up with two characters we have not seen for a couple seasons. Both explanations of where Mulan and Red Riding Hood were a little silly. Really all it made me do was wonder what ever happened to Cinderella and Hurley the Ogre.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Homeland: When Saul was riding down the elevator, I was thinking to myself, if this were any other spy show, he would just ninja chop everyone and the door would open with everyone else conscienceless on the floor. What actually happened was almost as absurd as a bunch of ninjas abducted him instead. So now Saul has defected to Israel. Alrighty. If the CIA really wanted him, doesn't Israel give him back? Though I am sure the season will be resolved and Saul will be vindicated before that happens. Them the episode ends with Carrie calling Allison for help. So Carrie did not recognize Allison's voice when she called Quinn's attempted assassin's phone number?

The Walking Dead: So who said "Help" at the end of the episode? It did not cross my mind that it was a not so dead Glenn until the internet reminded me he was out there. Did he even had a walkie? At any rate I still do not think it was him but an yet to be seen newbie who hijacked the frequency.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

The Affair: During the early episodes I thought that the differences in the stories were just how Noah and Allison were spinning their stories to the police, but after that blow up at Thanksgiving where Allison called out Noah for distorting her versions of what happened, I am beginning to think that Noah's version his his book and Allison's version is a tell all story she will write in the future. Of course then that would mean Cole and Helen are also going to write their own tell all book... and possibly in future seasons, Whitney, the red head dude that is always lurking around, and probably even a posthumous book by Scotty. Actually the red head and drunk daughter end up getting their own segments in the future because they are becoming my favorite parts of the show because the four main characters are becoming increasingly dreadful.

Supergirl: Have we always known Dean Cain was dead? I kept wondering why he was not at Thanksgiving and then I finally learn at the end he was killed in a plane accident, possibly at the hands of Supergirl's other boss. And looking at Ally McBeal's new face may be rough but she definitely gets all the best lines: "You have the wit of a YouTube comment."
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Blindspot: I am wrong for actually kind of like Rich Dot Com? But anyway. I (apparently) was half right on Chrissy Seaver's boyfriend. So he has not turned out to be not be a bad guy but it looks like he will turn out to be the not so socking death last week promised (though it is kind of unclear if he is actually dead, the boss gave a head shack but was it a "it does not look good shake" or a "he is not going to make it" shake? Since the next promo did not promise a death I am guessing that was it.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes..

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: For me this season has been all about Simmons other planet and we finally got big reveal after big reveal about the place. So back in the earliest days of Hydra, which apparently pre-dates Red Skull by centuries, if not millenniums, there was the first Inhuman and they (for reason I did not quite understand) shipped it off to this other planet and would occasionally send sacrifices to the planet until they could build an Inhuman army for it to command. Okay, that is kind of awesome. Now evil Hydra guy want to bring the first Inhuman back and has to figure out how SHIELD was able to get Simmons back. This should be interesting to see if the evil Hydra guy is able to succeed in this plan or not or will SHIELD be able to stop them. Or maybe SHIELD will unwillingly bring that Inhuman back when they rescue Simmons astronaut friend.
You can download Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iTunes.

Survivor: Second Chance: In a season of so many twists I have lost count we got two more this week. First off the lame one, again the show hid a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol instead of the actual Idol. But instead of hiding it at the Immunity Challenge, which was a cool chance, it was just some silly rules based scavenger hunt where Jeremy could only retrieve it at night when everyone was asleep. But the other twist was much more interesting, if you quit the Immunity Challenge you could receive an advantage in the game. I am actually surprised only two people jumped down, in the torrential downpour, I think I would take my chance with reaching the buoy first unless I was part of the Witches Coven who were on the chopping block. The advantage is a twist on last season's extra vote twist but instead of getting an extra parchment to write down another name, you get to steal someone else's vote. That is evil, I love it.

Then finally someone broke from the massive nine person alliance, I never understood why no one seemed to want to work with Abi Maria, Ciera, or Kass because those seem like lay-ups in the finals. Of course the vote came down to Kelley W. and Kelly W. (which was what Spencer actually wrote on his parchment). It looks like there may be another twist next week as the promo shows everyone drawing rocks. It is during the day so it is probably is not a tied Tribal Council (plus if you are Stephan, you make sure you break a tie with your advantage). Last season everyone who tried to bid their entire wad on an advantage at the food auction drew rocks. Could it be for the first time every everyone is smart enough to not buy food at the auction? Still I think if it came down to it I bet Abi Maria and Keith at least would still be stupid enough to buy food instead of waiting for the advantage.
You can download Survivor: Second Chance on iTunes.

Nashville: More hair drama! Though to be honest I would not have even notice if Maddie died her hair had someone not mentioned it. So it is, what, a shade or two lighter? Does not seem like much of a deal for a sixteen year old.
You can download Nashville on iTunes.

The Blacklist: For a "Fall Finale" that was a pretty week Blacklister of the week crew. They may have been the lamest Blacklisters in the history of the show (which is probably why they were not originally on the list). And Ressler's Boy Scout routine was a little much considering he was the one who let Lizzy escapee in the first place. But we got the reveal that the Senator is part of the Cabal though I am not sure how we got there, what was with the thing in Africa, I missed the significance there. Oh well. It looks like the midseason premiere has Lizzy stuck in Reddington's cage where I guess we will have a repeat of the episode where Red got stuck in the box with a shot Ressler this time with Lizzie in the box and the Cabal trying to get in.
The Blacklist on iTunes.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/31/15

Homeland: During the excitement of the return of Crazy Carrie last week I missed that Quinn was sent there to kill Carrie. Of course he did not. Thankfully we learned by the end of the episode who it was because really, there were only two plausible people in my mind, Dar and the German Bureau chief. Now the question was she also involved in the plane explosion too.

The Walking Dead: So Glen died. Or did he? I have a long standing belief to never believe someone is dead until we see a body. Well we definitely see zombies tear at Glen's flesh. But then there is the addendum to that belief that even if you see the body, I am still skeptical. The skeptical part of me noticed that the dude who killed himself was falling on top of Glen so it is very plausible that the entrails being pulled out were that of the other guy so I would not be that shocked if Glen shows up later in the season saying he slid under the trash bin while the zombies ate the other dude and just waited there to leave. Then I switched over from Quantico during the commercial to Talking Dead, which lack the obligatory actor shows up after he dies which is always kind of painful, as the producers saying in the most vague way possible that we will see Glen again in some capacity and the character was not included in the In Memorium package either. But the bigger question is why was Glen even in that position? How did Morgan make it back to Alexandria but Glen's group could not? And in the alley way, why did they not climb over the fence bordering the woods? But the second rule of this show is if the characters did the smart thing every time, there would be no show.
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The Affair: It seemed like an open and shut case Helen would get full custody of the kids, hey, they were not even around in the future act of the season finale last year with Noah and Allison in their swanky high rise. But how does Helen possibly get any visitation right, let along full custody, after a DUI with the kids in the car and weed in her purse? Grandma may be getting the kids because neither parent seems fit. Or maybe they will get shipped off to their aunt's place. Maybe there is a reason we have yet seen one of the Solloway children in the future yet.

Quantico: This week's Power Ranking of Most Absurd Moments of the Week: 1) The front page picture of Alex which looked like it was taken from a Maxim photo shoot, 2) The live stream instant;u getting twelve million viewers, 3) Taylor Swift (did they already run of hot blondes to call her already or did I just miss it this week) abandoning her mission to have sex with her antagonist.
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Supergirl: Oh my, is it too soon to call this the guiltiest guilty pleasure in the history of television?
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Gotham: It was an obvious joke, but I am still glad Barbra suggested Butch put a chainsaw on his stump of a hand (and the same week Ash vs. the Evil Dead premieres to boot). Just as obvious was Kristen Kingle would die which would push Ed closer to being The Riddler, the only question was when and by who's hand. We finally got our answer this week as Ed stupidly admitted to killing her last boyfriend and then suffocated while promising to never hurt her again. Not how long until his wardrobe turns green?
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Switched at Birth: So if Emmett was home for the summer and the final scene takes place ten months later, that makes it March / April right? So why are Daphne and Bay are still in China? Are they staying there because I am guessing Bay does not obtain gainful employment for a vacation. And what was the phone call? Ug, I hate cliffhangers like this.
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The Voice: What the frack?!? This show is just trolling me at this point. Andi & Alex were number one on my Battle Ranking Power Rankings, go first and get booted by Adam in favor of some mediocre rocker who has little chance of making it to the top twelve (unless Adam is stupid enough to save him so it is not entirely out of the question). Next up is Ellie Lawrence, who topped my Blind Audition Power Ranking, who goes out to Braiden Sunshine, who has sat in the bottom both times. Making things worse I joked in that post that Braiden would end up being this season's Ryan Sill (never forget), beating Gwen's lone four chair singer in the Battle Round, then probably beat Ellie in the Knockout Round, before Gwen inexplicably saved him in the Playoffs. That was a joke Gwen, you were not supposed to actually do this. Sure picking Demi Lovato was kind of disaster (has anyone ever advanced on this show singing one of her songs) but still I would take Ellie at her worst than Braiden at his worst. I really hate this show. Is it really hard to get the twenty best singers to the Live Show? It seem like five of the twelve that advanced this week just scream fodder and whose only chance to advance is if their coaches save them. I would have said six but sadly Viktor will probably advance by the public because the bored housewife voting block will be voting for his face over his voice.

Blindspot: I would say it is kind of random to have the other chick from Young and Hungry show up on your serious drama but I guess the first time I noticed her was when she was recurring during the first season of The Americans. Since she has that other gig, it is a shame she cannot stick around because it got really sad watching Jane try to connect with anyone and getting shut down every time. Plus that nerd fight scene with the tech person on the team was fun too. Oh well.
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Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.: We finally get the what happened to Simmons episode and sadly no talking ducks were involved. I actually enjoyed the first segment but as soon as the astronaut showed up I got less and less involved. Then the ending was just silly, seriously, hold each other's hands so you do not get separated. And though we know know what went on, we are left with more questions, like what is "death." Then you have the promo saying May's husband died last week. Alrighty, there goes my theory that he survived.
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Wicked City: I do not really need another serial killer show in my life, but hey, it is the chick from Swimf@n and it is not like there is anything else on at the time. But how exactly how long will the show last if the detective was able to figure out who it is in the first episode. Take the reporter to the artist and then post the picture around town.
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Survivor: Second Chances: What a great decision to switch tribes up as many times this season, it is much better than having silly gimmicks like Redemption Island (and the promos says there are merging early next week too). You have one tribe with only one original member of the other tribe but she was the one with an Immunity Idol. Then there was Stephan's weird tearful rant about not wanting an Alpha Male beating him again. But of course it was Abi Maria's tribe that went to Tribal Council. And what weird bedfellows that ousted Woooooooooooo. Aside from Abi Maria, you had Chaos Kass, her nemesis Spencer, and a paranoid Ciera who did appreciate Savage putting her name in his mouth. Seriously, has there ever been a weirder alliance than those four? It will be interesting to see how things shake up after the merge. Will that five strong alliance actually stick together (since not one alliance has stayed strong I am guessing no), and if so, they still need two more for a majority. But now that we are at the merge, you have to go ahead and pencil in Abi Maria into the finals because who would not want to sit next to her. Imagine what fireworks a Abi Maria vs. Kass would produce. But thankfully Terry's son turned out to be alright. You never want to see someone go home like that. It is a bit surprising that it does not happen more often. I believe it was only the second time in thirty season.
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Nashville: When drunk young Wheeler walked out on the terrace, I thought, oh no, he is the one going over the edge, not Juliette. Instead Jeff awkwardly fell over while trying to save her. Poor Juliette, the one guy who could spin this into her favor just splattered on the sidewalk. And poor Layla, her husband turned out to be gay, she gets dropped from one label and put on the back burner of another, and now her boyfriend dies of what will be ruled as an apparent suicide depending on what dunked young Wheeler says.
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The Blacklist: There is nothing I hate on television more than the x amount of time earlier place card. Am I really supposed to believe they killed off Lizzy? Never crossed my mind even when they were significantly outnumbered in the Mexican standoff. But I did like that the person who put the hit on her was a teenage girl not like the CIA guy who seemed too obvious or the Congresswoman who was another suspect of mine.
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